You are what you eat
Rowe's Story

Rowe of Venice is the nutritional love child of Rowe Samieian. Diagnosed with autoimmune disorder a few years back and given a no cure prognosis by Western medicine, Rowe took matters into his own (literal) hands and began to study alternative approaches.  

He consulted and worked with Ayurvedic practitioners, Chinese herbalists, and a combination of Eastern and Western approaches, all of which helped in keeping things under control but none could reduce and completely get rid of this exhausting skin condition.

In late 2014, Rowe started working with Drs. Jim and Laura Lavalle who looked at the root cause of the illness and all potential contributors starting with his diet. They laid out a strict dietary plan, along with herbal supplements. Rowe gave up dairy, wheat, carbs, gluten and all processed sugar!  

Within six weeks of doing so not only did Rowe’s condition improved dramatically,  his energy level also improved and increased substantially.  Other impressive developments included his digestive system which was a lot happier and healthier, he felt a lot less congested, and had little to no mood swings (the feeling you get when too much coffee or sugar kicks in, and when the effect has worn off).

Through this process it became obvious to Rowe that what we eat matters and matters a great deal!

 Rowe’s love of sweets led him to explore retail ready options, none of which satiated his palate, and so as the great Bob Marley once said “where there’s a will, there’s always a way” and Rowe of Venice was born: all organic, 100% raw snacks, dairy-Free, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, made with superfood ingredients, high in protein, low in sugar content, and most importantly absolutely delicious.

Today Rowe wants to share his creations with each and everyone of you because we are the sum of what we allow in our minds, in our hearts, and of course in our bodies.